Graphene Clothing: An Anti-Mosquito Clothes and Promote Healthiness

It is quite surprising how graphene is very much stronger than steel but lighter than paper. Graphene is a superconductor – an ultrathin, bi-dimensional form of graphite. GrepheneCA is currently working with Apis Cor to create 3D printed graphene to revolutionize the construction industry. Also, due to the flexibility, light nature, and rigidity of graphene, it is proving to be a formidable material for companies in the textile industry. Now, we are going to see how graphene is being used in the clothing industry to design sturdy antibacterial jackets that are very strong but won’t retain an iota of heat.

Graphene in the textile industry

Graphene comprises of carbon atoms, and it is sliced into very tiny tranches that cannot be seen with the naked human eye. It is verified that graphene is hypoallergenic, non-toxic, and about 200 times stronger than steel. Obviously, graphene is a handy raw material that can be used in manufacturing different products.

The world’s first graphene jacket – sturdy, keeps away bacterial, light, and comfortable.

Vollebak had just designed the world’s first-ever graphene jacket – this jacket was made from graphene and promised to keep away bacterial, repel moisture absorb heat. It is an impressive jacket, and it looks quite attractive. Interestingly, the jack is reversible; looks shiny on the nylon side. However, one side is finished with grey graphene, while the other side is made of nylon material – the side made with nylon is shinny.

Scientists have proved that graphene has high conductivity – thus, if you wear this graphene jacket for a long time, it will absorb your body heat and keep you warm for as long as you wear it. Also, the nylon layer of this jacket is bonded with graphene, so that it possesses conductive properties; thus, irrespective of the side you’re wearing against your skin – either the nylon layer or the grey graphene layer, this jacket is able to absorb your body heat and keep you warm.

Someone reading this may be thinking “what about when one sweats while putting on this jacket?” Well, that’s a different case; graphene, as a substance, does not retain moisture; instead it repels moisture – any kind of it – whether water, sweat, etc.

Hence, clothes designed with graphene disperse sweat to keep you dry and warm. Washing/cleaning graphene textiles’ is very easy. Plus, bacteria can’t survive on any material or surface coated/designed with graphene.

The Advantages of Graphene Clothing

Graphene has many unique properties, which includes its strong resistance against bacterial and moisture. Thus, the following can be seen as advantages of using graphene to design clothes.

  • Graphene clothes promote healthiness because they’ll keep out bacterial.
  • Clothes designed with graphene will keep the body warm and dry at all time.
  • Graphene is flexible and light – it will transform how companies in the textile industry manufacture fabrics.
  • Durability is assured for graphene clothes because the raw element (graphene) is 200x stronger than steel.

Downsides of using graphene for manufacturing fabrics

Graphene is very costly at the moment; thus, fabrics made from this raw material can be very expensive. However, hopes are up that graphene would be made affordable in the near future.