Graphene 3D Printed House Improved the Quality of Concrete Mix

Obviously, industries are experiencing a wild revolution due to various innovative technologies that are constantly emerging. Businesses in various industries are striving to keep up with competitions, and for the construction companies, this new revolution means a lot and would require all to step up their game. U.S. company – GrapheneCA is partnering with Apis Cor – a 3D printing construction company, to build a specialized system that can print graphene materials.

It has been verified that graphene is a special carbon agent that adds strength to any material it is applied to, and resist moisture on any surface it is applied on. David Robles, Head of Business Dev. at GrapheneCA said that collaboration with Apis Cor Co. aims at implementing graphene into the real world utilizing state-of-the-art technologies.

Mobile 3D printers

Adding graphene to a material makes it stronger, durable, lighter, more elastic, and resistant to cracks and moisture. Also, graphene improves the antibacterial and thermal properties of materials. Adding graphene to 3D printing and designing of mobile 3D printers for this purpose can help to simplify the whole process of building structures in remote locations where there is a high risk of natural disasters or in high-climate areas.

More so, the use of 3D printers in construction can help developers to set up structures that can stand against natural disasters such as earthquakes and hurricanes, at least for some days. This will, in turn, draw us a step closer to achieving affordable housing.

GrapheneCA and Apis Cor Contributions

Interestingly, one of the finalists of NASA’s Mars colonization competition has agreed to partner with GrapheneCA – a graphene supplier & product manufacturer, and Apis Cor – a 3D printing company, in a collective effort to design contemporary materials that can print using Apis Cor “autonomous technology.” The result of this collaboration may transform the construction industry here on earth as the 3D graphene printers could also produce cement and other materials for construction, thereby cutting down the cost of labor and time.

Thus, it will be possible to print a residential home of about 2500Sq.ft. within 24 hours for less than $8,000. Furthermore, Robles mentioned that the printers may not be so big but would feature a 4.5m boom arm that can move in different angles. The printer will be capable of printing up to two-story-tall, and it would be faster than the Chinese machine.

David Robles actually said a lot of positive things about the upcoming 3D printers that would be able to print with graphene. While Nikita Cheniuntai, Founder and CEO of Apis Cor hinted that “New materials and its advanced properties will open new horizons.” The CEO of Apis Cor also said that collaborating with GrapheneCA will help to actualize the implementation of 3D printing materials in all kinds of constructions.


Using graphene will improve the quality of concrete mixes, assuring of long-lasting durability of structures, even in remote locations. A 3D printed house will provide more protection against bacteria and won’t retain moisture (heat). This is an impressive innovation you probably can’t wait to explore.