New Graphene Wax: ArtDeShine Graphene Crystal Wax

The new Graphene Wax is a gel-like substance that produces extreme gloss and depth for all kinds of cars or vehicles. This graphene wax, contained in a little jar, is clearer than Maguire’s Ceramic Wax. Artdeshine graphene crystal wax is a new detailing material that are now trending on the web. People love flashy car paints because it makes their car body glow and shine crisply. Cars are among the costliest things people own, and every car owner would definitely want to take proper care of his/her care to ensure that it doesn’t spoil too quickly or sustain unnecessary scratches.

Why Choose Graphene Wax Over Ceramic Wax?

Graphene holds the record of the world’s strongest material. It is an atom-thick sheet of carbons. The properties of graphene are impressive; thus, making graphene a sort-after material for companies in the manufacturing industry.

Recently, graphene is being used in manufacturing car coatings because of its features that prove to be better off than ceramic. Due to the honeycomb structure of graphene, it tends to repel liquids than ceramic. Water will easily slide off on a surface coated with graphene wax, unlike a surface coated with ceramic wax; this reduces the risk of evaporation occurring on the graphene-coated surface, which may leave some water spots on the surface when the water is dried up through evaporation.

Since Ceramic coatings contain Silica Oxides (SiO2), when water is poured on the surface coated with Ceramix wax, you will notice some water spots after the water evaporates. Also, Ceramic coating retains heat while Graphene coating tends to eliminate heat and moisture on any surface you apply it to.

Artdeshine Graphene Crystal Wax

Graphene Crystal Wax is a mixture of nano-graphene particles with siloxane and PDMS; this faux formula creates a crystal-clear wax with high gloss.

The Artdeshine Graphene Crystal Wax is the first-ever carnauba wax that contains graphene to produce intense depth and gloss on a vehicle’s body, giving a false impression that the vehicle’s surface is wet. Artdeshine’s formulas are unique and popular for delivering 100% efficiency and effectiveness for their various uses. This graphene coating helps to protect your vehicle’s body because graphene has high tensile strength, and it is durable.

With Artdeshine’s Graphene Crystal Wax applied on a surface, it reduces the heat absorption rate of that surface, so there is a minimal or possibility of seeing those ugly water etching spots on the body of your car after washing or driving through the rain.

Also, the presence of graphene helps to prevent corrosion, as well as offer chemical resistance and protection to a painted surface. Artdeshine Graphene Crystal Wax is not meant for vehicles but can be applied on any surface that has paint on it.

How to Apply Artdeshine Graphene Crystal Wax

Graphene coatings can be applied similarly to how ceramic coatings are applied; apply with a thin film in a crisscross format. After applying graphene coating on a surface, allow it to last for about 5 – 10 minutes, after which you can wipe it off using a swab. It is not advisable to leave graphene coatings for more than 10 minutes.

Also, you should allow the coating to last for at 12 hours or 24 hours before exposing it to liquids; this period is the curing period. Artdeshine’s Graphene Crystal Wax has the durability of 10 washes.

Apex Detail created a well-detailed video on how to apply graphene coatings on a vehicle, watch the video here.