Graphene’s Potential Against Coronavirus

Over the last few years, researchers, scientists, and investors have been clamoring about one thing: graphene. To better understand how and why graphene is gaining so much attention, we would have to know what graphene is and what its potentials are. To make it simple, graphene is a soft, thin sheet of material mostly used in pencil leads. However, its size and where it is usually used is not the reason why graphene is gaining attention. Graphene, although thin, soft, and flexible, is known as the strongest material in the world. With its unique arrangement of atoms, it is believed to be a hundred times stronger than steel. Since graphene’s properties and builds are so different, researchers are marvelling at what this element could mean for the world and its future.

Although graphene poses a future of creating a huge impact in economics, business, engineering, and technology, not much has been said about what it can do in the medical side of things. Until four years ago, when scientists and researchers from China created studies and papers that identify graphene as a potentially efficient anti-viral element. This study could be ground breaking in the world’s current fight against the pandemic that is called the Corona Virus. One of the secor’s entrepreneurs even implied that graphene might be of use in defeating the virus.

Graphene as an antiviral agent

J Patrick Franz, the founder and chief executive of materials corporation, PlanarTECH confirms that there have been papers and studies identifying graphene as an antiviral agent.

Although not one of these studies and papers used the same bacterium that Corona Virus has, J Patrick Franz still believes that graphene could open up new and better ways of fighting against viruses and infections.

J Patrick Franz admits that this idea still needs more thorough experiments, studies, and tests. But like many of us, he is hopeful of what graphene can do in the battle against this pandemic. Franz also points out a new collaboration he has with Haydele Graphene Industries PLC and Korea’s ICraft in developing graphene cosmetic face masks. He claims that it would not be a huge leap to go from a cosmetic face mask to a protective face mask. Although the amount of research yet to be done is a lot, we all believe that it would be worth it.

Crowdfunding to raise enough money

Right now, J Patrick Franz and his company, PlanarTECH is crowdfunding to raise enough money to develop new and better ways of using graphene as an antiviral agent. However, he says that the development could take up one or two more years.

In this crisis that affects not just one, but all countries in the world, the news of graphene potentially being one of the most efficient ways to fight off viruses is considered great news. This is why researchers, scientists and even entrepreneurs are highly interested in graphene. They see what its potential can do for the world. If used right graphene might be considered as the future of technology, medicine, and many more.

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