Graphene Masks Effective Against the Coronavirus Disease

The whole world is working together to fight the war against COVID-19 or Coronavirus. For doctors and individuals working amid the spread of Coronavirus are suggested to use N95 masks. N95 respirators are now being used almost by every person who is in contact with infected patients.

Although N95 respirator is way better than typical surgical masks yet in some foggy situations in industries where chemical exposure is obvious, these N95 masks have also proved to be insufficient. Using standard surgical masks is not a good practice working in an infectious environment. So, we need to explore some more effective and better options to protect us against the COVID-19 spread. Let’s see how Graphene masks can help to prevent the infectious virus.

Graphene Structure

With a layer of atoms in a 2-D hexagonal lattice, Graphene is said to be a Carbon allotrope. In the lattice, a single atom constructs each vertex. This structure is the basic construction for some other allotropes too including carbon nanotubes, charcoal and graphite. A pencil and tape were used in the discovery of the Graphene, and two genius scientists were awarded Noble Prize for this amazing discovery. There are many applications of the Graphene in the practical life, including the water filtration process and semiconductor researches.

The use of Graphene layers in the masks can be a better alternative of other available masks and Graphene can offer better protection against Coronavirus spread. Let’s have a look at some of the technical specifications of the Graphene.

Working of Graphene

The manufacturers can use Graphene in the layers of the common surgical masks, or we can replace the carbon filter with Graphene in N95 masks. The size of the Coronavirus is said to be 125 nanometers while the Graphene structure is 0.142 nanometers apart. Due to the amazing structure of Graphene, it can be used as an effective air filter amid Coronavirus.

The use of Graphene can prevent 90% protection against COVID-19. Some further research work is required to sort out suffocation and some other limitations, but it is good alterative of N95 masks for the practitioners that are dealing with infected patients. Further research will sort out the sweating and suffocation problems too.


The use of Graphene may be already available in the market, or it may not be that kind of effect for the prevention. On scientific grounds, all of these facts were supposed to support the prevention based on the technical specifications of Graphene. Further research will finalize the use of Graphene as the alternative of the N95 mask.