Graphene Sanitary Napkins Relieve Painful Abdominal Cramps

Sanitary napkins are essential in the life of every single woman in the world since women undergo menstruation. But, sanitary napkins can cause several negative effects on the female body such as infertility and birth defects since sanitary napkins may contain odor neutralizers because women can’t stand the smell of blood, sanitary pads contain dioxin which is an environmental pollutant and sanitary pads may also cause cancer since the chemical contaminants accumulate inside the body since people use it monthly for a long period of time. Most of the sanitary pads that are on the market nowadays are made of recycled paper which may contain ink and chlorine that may cause harm in the consumers’ health. According to the WHO ( World Health Organization) approximately 107 germs per cubic meter in just the first two hours of wearing it.

As an answer to the negative effects that sanitary napkins may cause in the human body a United States-based company JSN( Jewel Sanitary Napkins) formulated graphene-enhanced sanitary pads. Graphene is the property of carbon that comes in two or more physical forms or it is an allotrope of carbon. It has significant positive effects on the human body in this case in a women’s body since it has a strong antibacterial property that can help and cure in different issues that women suffer during menstruation like dysmenorrhea, amenorrhea, vulvar eczema, vulvar pruritus, metrostaxis and many more. Since Graphene has antibacterial agents it naturally eliminates odor without adding synthetic perfumes or odor neutralizers that harm the human body. Graphene can also absorb a hundred or thousand times its weight which stops the sanitary pads from overflowing. Graphene is good for the body since it does not have toxic and negative side effects that harm the body.

Jewel Sanitary Napkins

According to JSN ( Jewel Sanitary Napkin), their graphene-enhanced sanitary has nine layers which are the three-dimensional layer, the top layer, the infused health benefits layer which is where they incorporated the Graphene that has the health benefits embedded in it which absorbs ten times more than the ordinary pads, safe polymer, the reinforcements that add extra protection, the release which is the breathable bottom layer and the non-toxic adhesive. The graphene-enhanced layer has numerous benefits such as relieving abdominal pain, eliminate bacteria, balance the pH level of the body, fights fatigue, helps increase metabolism, boosts the immune system and contains vibrational energy that moves the heat away from the core.

The product was accepted greatly by users and has been praised due to their wonderful over 25,000 women who have testified and approved of the sanitary napkin. Their prices range from $6 per pack and $24 which is a very good price considering their claims that this product has great benefits in the body. Their company claims that they have garnered $600,000 just by selling this product. Their sanitary napkins range from panty, liners very light pant, heavy flow, moderate flow, and super heavy flow. In conclusion, these sanitary pads from JSN can greatly affect the body in a positive way and be a great help to the health.