Graphene Jacket – Graphene X Jacket Review

The Graphene X jacket is the world’s first graphene-based jacket, and it is also the strongest jacket in the world. More so, this jacket serves for all purposes. Surprising, right? It is an all-around 3-layer jacket – this graphene jacket is waterproof, breathable, extremely light, robust, and high tech. This is not the regular jacket you do wear, and when you own this jacket, you may have to get rid of all other jackets on your wardrobe because it serves for all purposes.

Graphene, ever since its discovery, is proving to be the raw material that will revolutionize the world – it is actually changing a lot of things and how various things are being produced. Graphene birthed ultra-light aircraft, foldable mobile phones, bulletproof T-shirts, and much more avant-garde products. It is a single layer of carbon obtained from graphite, but it is about 200x stronger than steel.

The Graphene X Jacket Review

First off, this jacket is expensive, but on a second thought, after looking at the features, you may start comparing to know if the jacket is actually worth the price tag. No doubt, it is an all-purpose jacket, which means you can wear the jacket to any place you’re going to. Also, it feels comfortable putting on the Graphene-X jacket in summer, winter, or autumn. In fact, it is one jacket for everything you’d ever need a jacket for.

Before now, top brands have designed comfy jacket that people can wear in different specific times or seasons, but this revolutionary graphene jacket from Alpha Series doesn’t have a specific time or season it should be worn.

When graphene is mixed with a modern material in a 2D layer, it adds peculiar properties to the fabric, making it suitable for various purposes. While graphene’s nanotech is resistant to natural elements, it is equally breathable. So the Alpha Series graphene jacket is breathable, still yet waterproofed, windproof, abrasion-resistant, and many more features.

Alpha Series used Geo Tech Storm fabric in designing this jacket, as well as added throughout added a RECO rescue system, and finishing the jacket with an Eco Bionic eco-friendly coating. This jacket is packed with all possible technologies you can expect from a jacket, and you can have it in any color of your choice (for as long as its graphene grey).

Key Features of the Alpha Series Graphene X Jacket:

  • 200 times stronger than steel
  • Ultra-lightweight and revolutionary
  • Waterproofed, windproof, weatherproof, versatile
  • Breathable
  • Radiates heat
  • Bacteriostatic
  • UV protection
  • Thermal distribution

Does the Graphene X Jacket Worth the Price?

With all these highlighted features and more being possessed by this jacket, it is undoubtedly a jacket to spend on. More so, the jacket looks quite attractive – you can wear the nylon side, or the graphene grey coated layer.
One of the main features of this jacket is its ultra-lightweight nature; it weighs less than 1 pound even with all these features it packed. Meanwhile, other jackets from top brands weigh up to 3 pounds or more.

This graphene-X jacket is worthy of its price tag. More so, at the moment, graphene is quite expensive – let’s look towards the future when graphene becomes affordable, then we should expect jackets like this to be sold at lower prices.