Inov8 G-Series: Graphene-Enhanced Running & Training Shoes Review

No doubt, there are many top-branded shoes out there that are good for various kinds of sporting activities. However, the inov8 G-Series shoes are top class sporting shoes you should consider to buy. Right, there are quite a lot of reasons to buy an inov8 G-Series shoes, of which includes that the G-series from inov8 are graphene-infused. In fact, the inov8 G-series consists of the world’s first graphene-infused running shoes.

Having learned that graphene, nicknamed “wonder material,” is the strongest thing ever known to man, and it packs a whole lot of impressive features, the inov8 G-series shoes are designed with this “wonder material” to provide maximum comfort and assure of long-lasting durability.

Whether you’re an athlete or someone who usually runs long distances, these graphene-infused shoes from inov8 will outperform every other athletic shoe you’ve ever owned/worn.

Inov8 G-Series Shoes Review

All shoes in this series, individually, are designed for long-distance trails using the revolutionary graphene-enhanced rubber material that ensures a firm grip. Also, thanks to the next-gen underfoot technology strikes, these shoes are responsive and comfy to wear over a long time. The Inov8 G-Series Shoes are equally breathable, elastic, and typically looks stylish. More so, the Inov8 G-Series Shoes are lightweight; thus, it feels natural to run in these shoes.

Inov8 G-Series Shoes Price

Mainly, the Inov8 G-Series comprises of four (4) categories of sporting shoes:
• Terraultra G series – price range $150
• X-Talon G series – price range $170
• MudClaw G series – price range $150
• F-Lite G series – price range $150

Inov8 G-Series Shoe Specifications

• Unisex sporting shoes
• Flexible and tough grip
• Lightweight
• Breathable