Graphene Coating: Graphene Car Coating

Graphene Coating is the hottest topic in automobiles today. What really is Graphene Car Coating all about and what are the advantages from Ceramic coating? Why is it trending? Now let’s start to explain.

Ceramic coatings have been ruling the market for a very long time. The main reason behind the demand for ceramic coating was the unavailability of any kind of competitive alternative. In this article, we are going to explore the new coating material that can perform better than the ceramics in terms of coating quality. Yes, we are talking about the very promising product, Graphene.

Coating for Automobiles

The paint surface of cars and other vehicles can be very sensitive to environmental factors. So, users started looking for external layers to protect the paint surface of the cars, and ceramic coating solved the problem for the time being.

With the improvement in technology, users started looking for more efficient and optimized coating solutions. So, Graphene coating is the new player in the field with better results. Users were amazed by the results of the Graphene coating, so the demand for the new material increased. So, if you have not heard this name before, you need to go through this article so you can choose a better coating product next time.

What is Graphene?

From the academic point of view, the definition of the Graphene can be very complex, so keeping it simple; you can consider Graphene coating as a thick sheet of carbon atoms. It is a nanomaterial-based on Carbon atoms. Initially, this material was used in different industries to protect the parts and appliances against the effects of corrosion and other chemical exposures.

Why is Graphene better than Ceramic Coating?

Why do you need to choose Graphene? What makes Graphene coating a better choice for the protection of the paint surface of cars and other parts? Graphene coating produces the heat on the surface of the cars so that the spots appear less on the surface.

In the case of ceramic coating, most of the consumers have complained that the spots are left on the surface. The water particles on the surface are going to leave the spots. The contact angle of the Graphene is way better than the ceramics. It means that the water particles are not going to stay on the surface for long and will slide easily. In case you need to use chemicals to clean the surface, the ceramic coating can take damage.


In terms of collecting dust, the ceramic coating is not a good choice. Due to the thermal and electrical conductivity of the Graphene, the dust particles are not going to stay for long on the surface of the car. Due to continuous use, the ceramic coating will start losing its shine, but the surface of the Graphene coating remains unaffected even in long terms. The installation of ceramic coating is also difficult, and in case of the poor installation of the coating, it will start wearing out soon.

If we compare the Graphene coating with other options available, the future holds a lot of improvement and an increase in the demand of the Graphene coating.