15 Amazing Facts about Graphene

1.) Graphene is incredibly stretchy

It can stretch as much as 25% of its length, at the same time graphene is also very stiff, it’s actually the hardest material ever, it is 200x harder than steel, graphene is even harder than diamonds! You may think this is something invisible but it’s actually not, it is 2-dimensional but it is perfectly visible to the naked eye.

2.) Graphene is just great for conducting electricity

Graphene is probably the new material to replace lithium batteries that we use these days, this material carries electricity more quickly, more precisely and more efficiently than any other known material, also does that with much more safety, graphene batteries will be more stable than the ones we have in the market today, reducing the risks of overheating, exploding and so on. This happens because graphene has a density a million times better than of copper, electrons have no resistance when moving through graphene.

3.) Expands when Cooled and Shrinks when Warm

Another extremely interesting quality of graphene is that it expands when cooled and shrinks when it gets warm, that’s just the opposite of any other material.

But how can graphene be used in real-life situations?

4.) A Space Elevator

This idea was actually on a sci-fi novel from 1979 called “The Fountain of Paradise”, that’s right, we are talking about an elevator, inside a huge tower, that can reach the Space, until graphene the problem with that has been finding the right materials, light and strong enough to support such project, now this would be no longer an issue.

5.) Drinkable Ocean Water

Many countries are facing a water crisis and graphene can also be really helpful for this situation, a membrane made of graphene would be able to filter salt out of the water in no time, solving the water crisis worldwide.

6.) Super Strong Body Armor

If one single layer of graphene already displays an amazing resistance, could you imagine of could be achieved with 2 or more layers of this material, and it would still be lighter than any other armor we have built to this day.

7.) Healthcare

Graphene can also assist in detecting cancer cells in the human body, scientists have created tattoos based on graphene, that can literally track a person’s vitals like the level of hydration and skin temperature.

8.) Recharging gadgets

The next generation of batteries made of graphene will recharge very quickly, research indicates that a regular phone battery will go from 0 to 100% in 15 minutes! The batteries will also last longer, these new generation of batteries will be able to be charged more than 3.500 times!

9.) Flexible Smartphone displays

If the phone industry starts using graphene, we might end up with crazy layouts for phones that can bend a lot while maintaining all functions.

10.) Running Shoes

Running shoes made of graphene have already been tested with their rubber outsoles made of graphene and they are much stretchier and stronger than our regular running shoes.

11.) Glowing wallpaper

Thin glowing wallpapers can be a new trend for houses, providing a pleasant and adjustable light, this might even replace the old light bulbs, wallpaper made of graphene is much more energy-efficient than the old regular lamps.

12.) Safe Hair Dying

We can also benefit from graphene in the beauty industry, it would be the perfect solution for hair dying without the aggressive and toxic ingredients that are currently being used these days.

13.) A no-rust world

As we have seen, graphene is almost impermeable, apply just a single coat of graphene-based paint and you will be able to prevent rust and corrosion.

14.) Good for Investment

Graphene is one of the revolutionary materials in our generation where big key players in the stock market are investing. Big names like Samsung, Nokia, IBM and etc. are investing in research and enhancements on how this new wonder material can be used in the market.

15.) 2010 Nobel Prize Winner

Geim and Novoselov were awarded the 2010 Nobel Prize in Physics for groundbreaking experiments regarding the two-dimensional amazing material that is 200x stronger than steel and harder than the diamond on October 5, 2010.