Top 10 Graphene Producing Countries

Top 10 Graphene Producing Countries

How To Become Rich in Graphene?

Graphene is the other physical form of carbon, with the only layer of atom which forms a vertex in two dimensional hexagonal lattice. Graphene has some special and unique which separates it from the other allotropes of carbon. It is hundred times more stringer than the normal steel, with the lowest density than steel. It has a surfacic mass measured to be 0.763 mf per square meter.

It efficiently conducts electricity and heat and is almost transparent. It shows a huge and non-sequential diamagnetism which is way greater than graphite. Graphene is produced in almost every part of world, but the countries that are rich in producing Graphene include China, Brazil and Canada. They have the highest amounts of graphene production.

Here is the list of Top 10 Graphene Producing Countries:

1. China

Production: 630,000 MT
In 2018, China became the world’s biggest Graphene producing country. It produces 630,000 metric tons (MT) of the graphene every year. According to a survey, the country has been producing 70% of the whole world’s graphene last year.

2. Brazil

Production: 95,000 MT
With 95,000 MT of its graphene production, Brazil became the second largest graphene production country in the world. It came right after China. It is also believed that its graphene production was just increased by 5,000 MT since 2017.

3. Canada

Production: 40,000 MT
Canada has been constantly producing 40,000 MT of graphene since many years. Since Tesla said that it has plans of sourcing the lithium, cobalt and graphite, Canada has been a potential source of graphite since then. Tesla uses graphene for Li-ion batteries from America.

4. India

Production: 35,000 MT
India produces drastically less amount of graphene per year but it still lies fourth in the list. Its total graphene production is 35,000 MT each year since 2017.

5. Mozambique

Production: 20,000 MT
Mozambique has produced a huge amount of graphene last year. It has made a huge name in this field when the production went from 300 MT to 20,000 MT. This country is a home for two main graphene miners: Syrah Resources and Triton Minerals.

6. Ukraine

Production: 20,000 MT
Since 2018 Ukraine is producing the same amount of graphene i.e. 20,000 MT. Zavalyevskiy Graphite is the largest production resource in Ukraine. It produces up to 30,000 tons of graphene per year, according to their official website.

7. Russia

Production: 17,000 MT
In 2018, Russia’s graphene production checked in at 17,000 MT, similarly as it did in 2017. In spite of this level, the country hopes to increase its productivity during the coming years because of the two future projects, Dalgrafit and Uralgraphite. Similarly as with a number of other countries on this rundown, minimum information is accessible on graphene mining in Russia.

8. Norway

Production: 16,000 MT
Norway produces almost 16,000 MT graphene since 2017, increasing only 500 MT once. All the stocks of graphene contain very flake graphite and are extremely low. Graphene is found in some favorable locations such as closer to the sea and electric grid.

9. Pakistan

Production: 14,000 MT
Pakistan is at 9th position in the list of graphene production countries. It produces a total of 14,000 MT of graphene each year. It has been producing this much since 2018. In spite of the production volume, the graphene in the country is still rare to be found.

10. Japan

Production: 7,000 MT
In spite of Japan’s stranglehold on the graphite showcase, investors shouldn’t really anticipate that the Asian country’s predominance should proceed for eternity. That is on the grounds that as of late the graphene-mining nation has put forth an attempt to streamline creation. Some portion of that procedure has been taking pollution producers disconnected, and there have been plant terminations in Shandong, because of ecological targets. These may additionally affect graphite creation going ahead.

How To Become Rich in Graphene?


In 2019, the overall production volume of graphene was an expected 1.1 million metric tons. Despite the fact that China is world’s driving maker of graphene, the nation’s graphene saves are second-biggest around the world. The nation with the biggest volume of graphene holds on the planet is Turkey. In 2019, they had around 90 million metric huge amounts of regular graphene holds. China represents the most noteworthy portion of the United States’ graphene imports, representing a 37 percent portion of all out U.S. graphene imports somewhere in the range of 2014 and 2017.