Best Graphene Power Banks

Best Graphene Power Banks: Real Graphene Power Bank

We will list here all the Best Graphene Power Banks available in the market today. Real graphene power bank is the leading graphene-enhanced power charger. Researchers have been attempting to make Graphene power banks and batteries standard since they are much better than the Lithium ion batteries. On account of its properties like higher energy density, adaptability, higher electrical conductivity, quality and that’s just the beginning, Graphene batteries are better than Li-ion batteries. They are lighter, increasingly tough, last more, and can store more charge than Li-ion batteries in a similar size. But, one thing that is keeping Graphene down is the expense of production which is high. In any case, there are some Graphene power banks in the market which you can purchase at this moment. Right now, we listing down the best Graphene power banks that you can purchase at this moment.

Since Graphene is expensive, making batteries for mass utilization is not financially feasible. However scientists found that you needn’t bother with a Graphene battery to show signs of improved performance. Actually, simply using a hybrid battery made of standard Li-ion and Graphene brings about higher limit and better lifetime charge cycles. At present, all the Graphene power banks that you can discover available are these hybrid batteries. When the production cost of Graphene decreases, we will see pure Graphene power banks available.

Here is the list of top Graphene Power Banks that you can buy in 2020:

1. Real Graphene

If you are hoping to purchase a graphene power bank with remarkable charging speed then I would advise Real Graphene. As opposed to its name, it is anything but a real graphene battery, yet a Graphene power bank that can convey up to 60W of power output. It implies that the battery is made of customary lithium-ion cells, yet Graphene nanoplatelets are mixed to make a graphene monolayer on the terminals. What the layer does is, it improves the charging speed altogether giving you a full charge inside 50 minutes. For example, you can charge your OnePlus gadget in only 55 minutes which is quicker than the organization’s Warp Charger which takes 1 hour and 16 minutes for a full recharge.

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2. Apollo Traveler

Apollo Traveler is the first Graphene power bank that is accessible to buy. The product was launched as an Indiegogo campaign and is currently accessible to buy. The greatest element of Apollo Traveler is its super-quick charging speed. Indeed, even the best Li-ion power banks need overnight to charge completely, though you can charge Apollo Traveler from 0 to 100% in only 18 minutes. That is some insane recharging pace which is just conceivable in a Graphene battery.

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4. ULTRON Graphene Power Bank

If you are searching for a higher limit Graphene power bank, at that point look at Ultron which brings a Graphene power bank of 20,000 mAh limit. The product is now on Indiegogo and is in the production stage. It should begin dispatching before the year’s over. Like the Apollo Traveler, the USP of Ultron is its super-quick energizing pace. You can charge Ultron from 0 to 100% in only 85 minutes. That is for a battery of 20,000 mAh limit which is something inconceivable.

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3. Flash by Chargeasap

Streak by Chargeasap is another graphene power bank that accompanies a humongous 20,000mAh of limit and power output of up to 150W. While we can’t test the cases, the company has apparently joined forces with Tesla and Panasonic to fabricate this superfast Graphene power bank. Chargeasap is presently crowdfunding the task on Indiegogo and has lately moved to the Prototype phase. The tech behind this power bank is like the Real Graphene power bank. You are basically getting a lithium-polymer battery yet with 5% of composite graphene blended to make the force bank superconductive.

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Graphene power banks are better than lithium polymer power banks. They recharge rapidly as well as last more. It’s still beginning times for Graphene power banks so there are not a huge amount of choices available. In any case, we will see increasingly more force banks being discharged later on. Moreover, continue returning to locate the best Graphene power banks that you can purchase.