Graphene Coating for Cars – Benefits of Graphene Car Coating

The purest form of graphene is just an atom thick. It is the strongest, lightest, and thinnest substance material on earth. Graphene has excellent properties that make it desirable for car coating. Although graphene seems to be the perfect match for such an application, it is not easy to work with. Therefore, it requires a unique technique before it could be dispersed evenly in a solvent, and this is necessary for it to work correctly as a coating.

Different from the usual ceramic coatings, graphene provides smooth, low friction and abrasion-resistant surface, which protects the paint and coating from fading or damaging while washing and drying. Graphene coatings are specially formulated to give an extremely shiny-wet look as well as offering enhanced protection better than other types of coating.

Graphene presents a lot of benefits to its users. So, would you like to find out about them? Read below:

Water Spot Prevention

Consumers always complain about water spots being left behind on their coatings. Graphene causes a reduction of surface heat of your paint; therefore, water spotting is less likely to occur as compared to other types of coating. The material makes the water beads to stay on the surface of the paint, so if you are not driving, the beads are going to keep on staying there for a long while. Other types of coating, especially the ceramic types, do retain heat. This means that any water that remains on the surface will be dried up and form water spots. The water spots will gradually stick to your coating and finally spoil your paint.

Low Friction and High Contact Angle

Since graphene has a honeycomb structure and other good chemical properties, there is a very high water contact angle as compared to other coatings being sold. Therefore, any form of moisture touching the surface will slide off easily, reducing the risk of water evaporating on the car’s surface, thereby creating water spots.

Stain Resistance

Car owners also complain about how easily their cars get dusty. Since graphene possesses thermal and electrically conductive properties, it is considered to be anti-static. Therefore, it repels dust and other tiny particles. For those driving their car in variable climates, graphene coating has a higher tendency of retaining its durability and glossiness. As long as the coating is installed properly, it could last for a long time. Graphene happens to be a stable compound; therefore, it is not that difficult to apply.

Less Risk of Abrasion

If your car is exposed to water, heat, and solvents daily, it could cause your usual coating to break down. As we mentioned earlier, other forms of coating retain heat, and when it mixes with chemicals, it wreaks havoc on your coating. Abrasion is a major determinant of how long your coating will last, but it does not affect graphene because it is the strongest material in the world.


Graphene coating is flexible, strong, and adaptable to any kind of environment or climate. We recommend it to every car owner.